Spanish Language Courses

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Spanish for Beginners 1A

You will learn the gender of nouns, numbers 1-30, days of the week, and the plural form of nouns, definite and indefinite articles, the verb form “hay” (there is, there are), and subject pronouns. Lastly, you learn regular everyday verbs and adjectives. 

Spanish for Beginners 1B

You will continue to learn how to conjugate verbs, important verbs like “ser” and “estar,” more about adjectives, irregular verbs “tener” and “venir,” contractions, weather expressions and the personal “a.”

Spanish for Beginners 2A

You will learn possessive adjectives, stem-changing verbs, more irregular verbs (estar, ir, dar), how to combine two verbs using the infinitive, ordinal numbers, months, seasons and dates. 

Spanish for Beginners 2B

You will learn Spanish superlatives, comparisons of equality and inequality, and direct object pronouns.