Mr. Sharp

My name is Samual Sharp. I received my Bachelor degree from Southern Utah University in 2001 with my Major in History and a Minor in Coaching. After a short college coaching career, I went back to school at the University of Idaho and received my Teaching Certificate in 2007. I started my career in education in 2007. I love teaching. I taught at the High School level from 2007 – 2016, I taught World History and U.S. History.

In 2016 I received my Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and was offered an Assistant Principal position but my passion for teaching continued. I take time every year to teach in the classroom. I specifically love History.

I have continued to read about, watch documentaries, research events in history. As a teacher I always looked for new ways or information to help my students understand the importance of events that happened in the past. As I have grown older, I have loved having the opportunity to travel and learn even more about historical events.

I am passionate, I am understanding, and I just love talking with anyone about history.