Refund Policy

Special Certified Tutor recognizes that there may be times when a refund is appropriate. Below are circumstances in which a refund may be necessary.

1) If a client has purchased tutoring services from Special Certified Tutor and that specific tutor with specific certifications and content knowledge is no longer available for tutoring services, such as no longer working with Special Certified Tutor as a contractor and Special Certified Tutor does not have a reasonable tutor replacement that meets the expectations of the client or cannot find one within a reasonable time frame then any remaining sessions purchased will be refunded or the client can transfer privately purchased sessions to a friend or family member. 

2) If a session cannot be adequately completed due to a technical issue that is not in the clients control. Things considered to be in the clients control are the device the clients are using, the internet provider and any other necessary equipment needed by the client to access the tutoring session. If a Special Certified Tutor is unable to connect to the client because services are down on the tutors end, the client can opt for a make up lesson during a time that works for the client and tutor. The amount for that session will not be paid from the clients balance until a make up session is completed.

3) All sales are final meaning that packages that are purchased will not be refunded unless there is no other option as in the case of the above scenario (instance 1) due to lack of a qualified replacement tutor.

4) Clients may freely transfer hours to friends or family if they find they do not need all of the sessions they have purchased privately, but no refund will be given on the remaining amount as the tutoring package was purchased with this policy understood. 

5) Tutor will wait for 15 minutes online for a client if the session is confirmed. If Client has not attended after 15 minutes on a confirmed session than the session is billable and the Tutor may leave the session. 

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