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Based in South East Idaho we chose the Camas flower for our logo, because the strong resilience of this flower allows it to bloom in the mile high desert prairie conditions where little rain falls. We believe the Camas Flower like any student can bloom given the proper encouragement and then move on from hard times to better ones.  

Looking for expert online tutoring in a variety of subjects? Look no further than Special Certified Tutor! Our team of experienced tutors provides K-12, special needs, science, math, English, music, guitar, ESL, and Spanish as a second language tutoring services online. Whether you need a single session or ongoing support, we have flexible pricing options to meet your needs. Save big by purchasing a package of 10 sessions for only $490. That's just $49 per lesson! We now offer Targeted Tutoring Sessions in small groups of 5 students for $29 a session which is only $116 for a month long course. Find us on Facebook for even more news and updates.

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Introduction To The Danielson Framework

Student Engagement and Classroom Management For Using The Danlieson Framework

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Oryan Ballard

We really have enjoyed working with Special Certified Tutors. We have worked with Kate Jones and Robert Hunter. Our son has really improved his fluency and comprehension working with these amazing tutors.


I really liked the way that you were teaching me. I didn’t understand the math at all the types you were teaching me because I’ve never seen it before but after you helped me with it and helped me understand it I understood it a lot more thank you so much for helping me.

Crystal Emery

We met with Mr. Fernandez for Spanish tutoring and it a good & productive hour. This will be a great help for my 9 year old.

Suzi B

Awesome! Such a fun experience and the kids are learning So much. Highly recommend!!

Coyote Garza

 Kevin is an amazing teacher. He's clear. Informative, and makes learning fun. I'm impressed at how he gets to know his students and then finds ways to relate to them and relate the material he's teaching!!! 10 stars if it was possible. Awesome!!! 


Good tutoring and very fast responding! Thank you for the help

NASCAR fan 361

Outstanding company with the best teachers!  Very supportive, kind, and responsive!  Highly recommend this company and their teachers!

Promoting SCT at the JHS Cinco de Mayo Event 

Visting North Valley Academy!                                                                                                                              Meet the Teacher Night at JMS!